W&D’s True Blessing

posted on: 05,Mar 2015

I couldnt believe how fast it came and went. Winnie and Dexter’s solemnization was something i was very excited about for a long period of time. Simply because i love working with couples who are very hands on themselves. From the very start, Winnie came prepared with a mood board (which i will share with you guys as well),a very detailed email with her requirements, and a very open mind (which i am so thankful for). to be honest, dexter was equally impressive as well. i can imagine the look on my hubby’s face if i were to ask him to browse through any of my bridal magazines. but not only did dexter browse them without the bride asking, he definitely involves himself in the process more than other grooms. *hard pat on your back!*

So W&D’s wedding is not typical at all. while all girls opted for a white gown for their solemnization, our eclectic bride mixed retrolicious warm olive dress for her theme. she did mention that she would have to challenge me with the flowers. i say bring it on! W&D's mood board

this theme color is definitely challenging to choose flowers from, especially when the bride told me she loves “flowers with many petals” and would prefer peony. but unfortunately the season for peonies was just over. at the same time, W&D kept in contact via whatsapp. she would sent in pictures of the flowers she liked, the gown she has tried and some of the many things she sent gave me inspirations for her actual day arrangement.

and this is what she has inspired me to do.

hersi chose the succulent as the main focus. for many who does not know what a succulent is, its part of the cactii family they store water in their hardy leaves. pairing the succulents with ranunculus, erygnium, blackberries, eucalyptus, kochia, silver brunia, waxflowers, boyfriend roses and lastly silver leaf as skirtings. all of them to compliment her dress and theme.

at the same time, i chose something a bit more playful for dexter. a bit of red berries to spice it up.

hisat the end of it all, i am very happy how his and her’s turned out.

i havent got a chance to mention their venue, which is as i am writing this, i begin to see why they chose it. floating pod in fullerton bay hotel. a modern front building with a heritage and retro interior! they are exactly like this! a very modern and stylo mylo couple but has very grounded faith and deep rooted family notions.

they planned a small solemnization with only really close friends and families involved. decor was chosen simply to spruce things up but not take away the beauty of the interiors. i advised her flowers in mason jars, and after the ceremony she could dedicate these jars to her loved ones to bring home. I DIYed the decor on the jars with matching ribbons and twine.

mason jars

and here is the solemnization piece, i chose a low lush piece to compliment the overall look. i really enjoyed doing this piece, i remember the hubs was with me and when it came together he commented that this is even better than our own wedding piece! and so the whole talk of having another ceremony rises… like twice isn’t enough?!

solemnization piece

and after my work’s done, i felt a mixed sense of joy and anxiety. worrying if she’s going to like it. and of cos she loves it!! whoopie!! Sweet bride even wrote me a lovely testimonial


here is a photo of them on the actual day, i wish you both forever love.


photo courtesy of Framewerks.

for more pictures, do visit the awesome photography site of Framewerks 




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