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My name is Fiona Treadwell and I am the founder of the company of the same name.

Fiona Treadwell came about when Mr. Treadwell and I were planning our Singapore’s wedding. Exotic and unsymmetrical bouquets were not in trend back then hence with my non-existent floral skills then I made myself a posy that was nothing like I wanted. I researched and learned thereafter to create FT. Also, because of my union to Mr. Treadwell, I couldn’t think of a better name but to adopt his last name into my business.

The other reason why I used my name was because i believe in doing my best hence staking my name on it. At the same time, I also believe that personalisation of weddings is the way to go. All my brides go through consultancy, from colours, palettes, size and shape of the bouquet there are no 2 bouquets that are the same.

Trained in the US because I love how they arranged their bouquets airily and organically. Flowers would bob in the wind as they walk down the aisle instantly giving any pictures "movements". It also took years for me to hone my signature horizontal bouquet, most of my bouquets are elongated in shape accentuating the bride's figures and giving textures to the pictures.

Taking cues from nature and your personality, I hope to create a wedding that is you. Steering away from cookie-cutter weddings, I take into consideration your gowns, venues, theme and personality when creating your bouquet. From there, my vision expands into decorating the venue or space with the same theme. Venue decoration could come in the form of props apart from flowers, I also work well with other vendors in the industry to create an ideal wedding. From bouquet to venue, I ensure that the same vibe flows through and the whole wedding is consistent and cohesive.

Together with a crew of flower elves, we are dedicated to make each and every wedding as individual as possible.


Fiona T