Flowers for every occasion, from daily flowers in your living space to celebratory flowers. 

They can come in jars, vessels of any sort, simply wrapped or you could provide your own vase.

All prices include a card and delivery.




Customise your own bouquet, tell Fiona Treadwell your specific colours, flowers or theme and she will concoct a bouquet that relays your thoughts and sincerity.

Could be wrapped or arranged in your desired vessels.

Start from $250, comprises of fresh exotic blooms only.



WIMF, are excess flowers from the events that we undertake. Florists usually order extras, you know just in case?

Order a bouquets of these still fresh and usually exotic blooms for almost half the price.



Pre-Wedding Bouquets are entirely customised.

Provide Details of your shoot and have a short chat with FT and she will advise on the shape, size and colours of the bouquet.

All bridal bouquets start from $380, preferred photographers are entitled to discounts.

Silk ribbons are extra add-ons.




Celebratory bouquets are like V-day, Mother's Day and Christmas Day!

Look out for this square for standard bouquets.

Prices vary.


Forever Flowers

If you can't deal with those flowers wilting, here is a better option.

Try gifting these dried flowers!

Prices start from $180.


Good To Know:

Bouquet Orders to be made within 48 hours. 

Prices include Card and Delivery.

Delivery timing within 10am-6pm daily.

Surcharges of $20 applicable to:

Urgent flower orders within 24 hours.  

Special occasion like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas will also incur surcharge.

Surcharge will be included if it does not fall within timeline.

Surcharge is applicable to Sentosa delivery.

Terms & Conditions:

Flowers are customised to the best understanding of the information provided by Sender.  

Any drastic differences will be relayed to the Sender prior.

Flowers responsibility are customer’s when they leave the premises of Fiona Treadwell’s.

How to care for flowers:

Flowers are wrapped eco-friendly, minimal wrappers and plastic.  

They are meant to be unwrapped and transferred to a vase.

To prolong lifespan, please snip an inch off the ends and replace fresh water daily.