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Hello there! 

I am Fiona Treadwell and I founded the same name company. 

I am a bespoke florist and wedding stylist because I believe that choosing your wedding florals and styles should stem from you. 

Creating a bouquet and style based on your wedding dress or dresses, themes, colours, venues and personality is my knack.

For pre wedding bouquets, please head over to our bouquets section. 

So help me by filling up the template below. 

Dear FT followers,  

It is with part sadness, part anxiety and a big part of excitement to say that I have stopped taking in orders. I will be moving to London this coming June along with my little family for another chapter in our lives. 

Fiona Treadwell started because of my marriage with Mr. Treadwell and how we want to be present to watch both of our children’s milestones in life. You have no idea how much this job has given me. It has given me a purpose in life, the precious time and memories with my kids, a whole lot of industry friends, meeting all the wonderful couples and listening to all their stories. It has enabled me to express my creativity in a way nothing else could and it is an understatement to say that I totally enjoyed my time in the last few years. It is the best adventure I have had in my life. As Mr. Treadwell advances with his career, I made a promise when I married him that wherever he goes, I will follow. It is only right that I support his endeavour as much as he supports mine. Before I had real help, he was my first elf washing vases, scrubbing floors and tearing down by himself in the wee hours of the morning.  

Nevertheless, this is not the end of Fiona Treadwell. I will be exploring the scenes of London, continuing to learn, create and maybe even teach. I will come back in a few years stronger, better and hopefully with more things to offer to our Brides in Singapore. My final swan song will be hosting and organising this year’s The Wedding Tribe 2018. Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled to my Instagram for more weddings, The Wedding Tribe and exploring London. Thank you for all the support I have received thus far from all of you, it means a lot.


Fiona T