Hello there, this is Fiona from Fiona Treadwell Floristry. A short introduction of me can be found on my blogpost. Otherwise here are some FAQs about my home-based floristry.

Q : How does your business work?

Q : Is there a package price?

Q : Can you describe your style?

Q : Do you have preferred vendors?

How does your business work?

Send me an email to hello@fionatreadwell.com or fill up the enquiry template at www.fionatreadwell.com at “ask me”. I will check for date availability foremost and the nitty gritty details. Then if date allows, we will move on to meet up (preferably at my home office). There will be no consultation charges if you must know.

Is there a package price?

Well, sort of. Because I am home-based, I need economies of scale to lower the cost of per item. Say if you want only an exotic bridal bouquet, I will have to charge you the maximum. But if you have 10 other items including bouquet, price of bouquet and the 10 other items will be reduced significantly. However, I always get my couple to provide me with a list of items they need and a budget provided. I will try my best to work within it, otherwise I will counter propose a number, cost cutting measures or suggest recycle functionalities.

Can you describe your style?

I love to call it rustic, shabby chic. Organic and free-form. But I know some Moms call it messy, “why-is-the-bridal-bouquet-not-round”, grassy, etc. But feel free to take a look at my work @fionatreadwell. I also pair flowers that are as rare and exotic as possible. Call me a flower snob, but move over roses and baby’s breath.

Do you have preferred vendors?

Yes, I do! Do ask me for a list of preferred vendors. Some of them do give my clients priority whilst others give freebies and discounts! Any other questions, do feel free to drop me a mail at hello@fionatreadwell.com

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